Amazing find by Tricia Wegs

Hidden in Plain Sight: Down the Google Book Rabbit Hole w/ Q’s Trip Codes, User IDs – a call to ALL Patriots to L@@K & Research!!

Hidden in Plain Sight: The Article

From the article:

Last night was only the second time I ran across someone else who had written about this same thing.  I want to take a second to acknowledge this person, Yig Wilson – – and applaud them for starting to share the information – because as I just stated, it needs to get out.  But this article barely scrapes the surface of what is truly being shared with us.  It also only references Q’s Trip codes themselves – but there is MORE to this.   I mentioned earlier that my spreadsheet compilation is taking extraordinarily long to compile – there is a good reason for this.  Once I got to Mid-November (when Q finally established a permanent Trip code) I accidentally copied and pasted Q’s User ID portion of his post into the Google Browser instead of the Trip code.  Let’s just say this was a happy accident – I discovered that not only are Q’s Trip codes tied to relevant links, but so are EACH AND EVERY USER ID THAT Q HAS EVER USED!!!!!  Take a second to think of the magnitude of what I am telling you – you may not even have realized just how many different User IDs Q has actually posted from!


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