The 21st Century First World: Travesties Of Truth And Tragedies Of Process.

We live in an age where truth should be endemic, as we have the Internet and access to all views about most subjects.

Unfortunately, free speech on the internet is under attack. The term “conspiracy theory” as a pejorative was started by the CIA to keep truth seekers from gaining traction with the general public. It has worked.

We have suffered economic/financial disasters, usually engineered, wars that are always engineered, horrific levels of human/ child trafficking and abuse, shadowy figures behind Central Banks and Politicians gaining an ever larger percentage of the available wealth, unfettered immigration, mainstream science that cannot be replicated in over fifty percent of published papers, thus the ‘climate change’ scam. By far, not an exhaustive list of where there are problems getting to the truth.

All of which should have caused a reaction from the general public. The lies, offered through the Mainstream Media as a common narrative, are hardly ever challenged. When they are, it’s a ‘conspiracy theory’. Many have continued to be ‘asleep’ to all this, but the pressure to remain that way has been immense.

It is starting to look like much of what we are told is not true, either by omission, by slanting the narrative or just plan wrong, fake news, lies.

I’m hoping the promised ‘the great awakening’ involves a high level of transparency, so we can form opinions on facts, truth. Assisted by varied, insightful opinion from others. None of which exists today within the so called mainstream.

Thus, this article from John Ward, who is a beacon for those who wish for change to a more open and free world.

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