Northern Hemisphere In Hypothermia

Winter is coming. The next few decades will be much colder. Perhaps brutal at times.

It’s the Sun and the natural cycles. One branch of science is warning us. Even the IPCC is having to incorporate the new solar impact science into their models. The results will be revealed in their next assessment report.

My concern is this is just the beginning of the cooling planet. We have at least thirty years more of cooling from the outlook of solar scientists. Potentially even longer.

The debate now is one of a Dalton Minimum type event, or a Maunder Minimum type event. The Maunder Minimum is not called the mini ice age for nothing, it was the coldest period for the last ten thousand years.

We had been steadily warming, recovering from the Maunder Minimum temperatures. Now that looks like that warming is at an end. The cooling cycle is just beginning. When will the truth be admitted?

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