Scientists Cite Uncertainty, Error, Model Deficiencies To Affirm A Non-Detectable Human Climate Influence

In climate science, they hardly ever show the error bars for their measurements, the range of uncertainty on them. When you can find this information, it usually becomes obvious why, they invalidate the claims made against the data shown.

This is another example where knowing the magnitude of error in the measurements, shows the problem in attribution of warming due to CO2.

The article shows a number of the latest scientific papers published. The beginning of the article lays out the meaning of these findings. The papers shown give the detail, as published, to validate the conclusions presented.

There is so much real science being done that invalidates the CO2 warming hypothesis. Scepticism is the scientific way, core to its success. The fact the the climate lobby try to suppress anything that does not support their narrative, should be a red flag to everyone. One of the most anti-science of expressions is “the Science is settled”.

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