Now 100+ Scientific Papers Assert CO2 Has A Minuscule Effect On The Climate

So the latest peer reviewed scientific papers looking at CO2 effect on atmosphere concluded it was ‘minuscule’.

Have you ever seen any of these splashed across the Mainstream Media? No?

It’s because the official narrative is alarmist. Reporting these results totally undermines that. A rational person would this manmade global warming hoax must implode at some point.

It should, but as long as the MSM continues to play their propaganda role, most people will not have this information. That is why I share it.

I live in hope that great change is coming. Part of that will be bringing down CO2 induced global warming myth.

Note: Typical of this branch of science, they could not even name it correctly. A greenhouse/glasshouse traps heat by stopping convection. Thus the graphic below.

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