The IG Report Is Out—What Happens Next?

An overview of the likely stages in exposing the endemic corruption in our societies. The US is the first step in a worldwide rollout.

When expertly explained like this, it all seems so logical.

Some of us have been lucky to be aware of, and have the time, to follow Q drops and the research that these spawned. The reality under our societies facade is stunningly bad.

One of the things that has to happen, again, not just in the USA, is to expose and replace the Mainstream Media outlets who have been knowingly, willingly following a supplied narrative to keep our general populations misled and propagandised.

They have been using all their techniques and technology as a method of control. Once that is exposed and destroyed, the work to awaken the public can begin in earnest.

Sometime in this period, the Central Banking Financial System will come under scrutiny. Once we all understand how unjust it has been, detrimental to very nearly all of us, that too will be replaced.

There are other aspects, medical cures and new technologies, for example cheap and plentiful clean power and other capabilities we have that have been hidden from us.

We are potentially on the cusp of a new and vastly better world.

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