Climate Sensitivity In Light Of The Latest Energy Imbalance Evidence

This is from Dr Judith Curry’s ‘Climate etc’ blog. Her blog is one of the best on the climate from a scientific standpoint.

Starting from the latest science that showed the Earth’s energy imbalance is is negative (cooling), the article reviews the consequences for the value of climate sensitivity, for a doubling of CO2 content in our atmosphere.

Climate sensitivity is a key metric to understand the consequences of so called ‘greenhouse gases’. As time has progressed, the science has evolved to show CO2 climate sensitivity estimates have significantly reduced over time. This article is another example of proving sensitivity is low.

Climate alarmists always use the initial estimates from many years ago, or give the range from that figure to the latest figures. Then estimate a ‘likely value’ (guessing a figure that suits them). The truth is, it looks like the climate is not sensitive to CO2, or so called greenhouse gases. Another nail in the coffin of the CO2 atmospheric warming hypothesis.

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