Europe’s Nuclear Weapons And The Arms Reduction Treaty

This is an interesting and informative read. There were two things about it that made me uneasy.

The first was the author’s position on President Trump, for example as being “the erratic Trump”. The author has been unable to dig deep enough to understand what President Trump is about, or is a globalist. So this author has a certain slant here, as he would appear to be naturally anti-Trump.

The second is that as far as I’m concerned, President Macron is a Globalist Cabal puppet. I am always suspicious of his motives and thus anything he promotes. I do not see him as one of the good guys in current geopolitics, as the author does.

Nuclear weapons are an awful blight, but also an awful testament to human nature. It has taken mutual assured destruction (MAD) to keep the peace between superpowers.

This is an important subject. My guess is that after the next US election, given all the revelations beforehand, including new technologies, this will be addressed. I’m assuming China will join that coalition to prevent a global catastrophe, I certainly hope so.

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