Hydroxychloroquine ‘Tremendous Positive Results’, ‘Potent Efficacy’, No Hospitalizations

The chloroquine set of drugs has proven, in multiple trials going back over a decade, to be effective against the Coronavirus family.

In fact, the chloroquine based drugs are good antivirals, so are probably good for fighting the annual flu viruses. They would be a better solution than current flu vaccines.

Today’s flu vaccines are a ‘best guess’ against one or two selected strains, but often are not effective for the actual flu strain that becomes endemic.

Thus, using chloroquine for those who have chronic flu symptoms would be cheaper and more effective. This would also encourage ‘herd immunity’ for flu viruses. If your flu-like symptoms are actually caused by a Coronavirus, no problem, same treatment.

Given the overwhelming evidence now emerging on Chloroquine and Hydroxychloroquine, it is puzzling that governments are not ramping up their use, starting with chronic cases.

This family of drugs are safely in use today for other conditions besides Malaria, specifically autoimmune conditions such as arthritis, and also Lupus. There does not seem to be any reason to not use this to mitigate against Coronavirus-19.


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