How The Camera Became A Pathological Liar

A John Ward weekend essay. He makes a number of interesting points.

I believe the older generation in the U.K. saved the younger generation from themselves with Brexit. Why? Because the younger the age of the voters, the worse the level of their discernment, which is sadly lacking in many people.

They fell for EU/Globalist propaganda. They were seduced by empty promises and platitudes. They had noble thoughts and feelings about a globalist superstate, without the knowledge or ability to want to understand it.

That is a symptom of today’s younger people. The young have always been idealistic, that is not necessarily a bad thing. But, if it is allowed to be co-opted by by rogues and scoundrels, which the Globalists are, it is dangerous for all, including them.

In future we need to ensure that young people are brought up to think for themselves, to question what they see, are told and taught. To not be blindly obedient to any ideology or movement.

They need to understand, truly understand our humanity, and how propaganda and other means of controlling us works. Thus to be aware of it and naturally guard against it.

Not easy or comfortable, but then, gaining and retaining freedom never was.

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