Did Bill Gates Just Reveal The Reason Behind The Lock-Downs?

Bill Gates has set himself up as the supreme authority for vaccines and the pandemics they are supposed to stop. He has achieved this status due to wealth and connections within the Globalist so called ‘elite’.

It does not take a lot of research to understand he is all for drastic reduction of the human population on Earth. Yet he dedicates himself to stopping pandemics by vaccinations.

I’m very concerned with what is happening within the whole global web of health related societies. Most promote reduction of population. Most promote mandatory vaccinations. Most want draconian measures to ensure that.

How long before their vaccines are used for nefarious purposes? Those nefarious ideas are openly discussed within their network. What is the next logical step for them, once a vaccine is mandated worldwide? Is it to implement their population reduction aims? They then have the mechanism available to deliver anything they wish into most people.

This is all very dystopian. But is it plausible? Probably…


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