No Mr Boomer, We’ve Run Out Of God Pills

An article from Tom Luongo’s blog. Here he looks at the induced mass hysteria with the Coronavirus pandemic, with his reasoning on why this has been perpetrated on us.

I think he is correct in his analysis. This is the last gasp attempt to implement the Globalist Cabal dystopian future. Also known as the New World Order, a World Government.

I believe that this is what President Trump, along with other countries leaders, are trying to prevent.

This pandemic lwill have forced any plans that the ‘White Hats’ may have, to ensure that the authoritarian push under way is foiled. I certainly hope so.

This all needs to be brought out into the open. The Globalist Cabal needs to be exposed for who they really are, what future plans they really had for humanity, what they have being doing to us all for so many decades.

Then we can have change, as the general public will finally understand the truth and support it.

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