International Corporate Trial Lawyer Optimistic COVID-19 Test Fraud Will Lead To Expensive Compensation For Damages

This article by Pierre Gosselin within his blog ‘No Tricks Zone’ looks at the anti-lockdown protests in Germany and the move towards legal action. In this case against a Covid-19 test.

There is mounting evidence that class action suits may be in order, because of the support or actions of organisations who promoted the plandemic. There appears to have been a successfully coordinated international effort to impose and maintain lockdowns and societal panic.

This includes demonising viable treatments for Covid-19. The Mainstream Media were mostly complicit in this attack on our societies.

Now that the facts on the actual effects of this virus are being discovered, even published by the likes of the US Centre for Disease Control (CDC), perhaps the wider public will finally catch on.

Also, now the lawyers are getting involved, there must be blood in the water!

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