History Of Climate Scares At The New York Times

The strength of Earth’s magnetic field is falling at an ever increasing rate.

The magnetic poles are moving towards the equator.

The Earth’s natural protection from Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s) is less, so events that used to be no trouble, are becoming a problem.

A large CME could now destroy our electric infrastructure. Smaller ones could shut down cities or regions.

Our Sun can now produce a CME, which produces an Electrical Magnetic Pulse (EMP) on earth, that will have a significant impact. Not because these CMEs are larger in power, but because our natural protection is diminishing. Thus, ever smaller CMEs will have an ever larger effect. See this short video.

We should stop worrying about the last global warming cycle and concentrate on this real threat to our civilisation.

Why is it that the MSM are so often incorrect when it comes to Climate?

I believe it’s because they follow a narrative set for them, not the ever changing science and empirical data.

They could also be more curious about what the latest science is predicting: A cooler climate and Earth’s reducing magnetic field, with the resulting flip of the magnetic poles.


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