Earth’s Magnetic Field Just Struggled

A short article from Electroverse that describes why the Earth’s reaction to the recent minor Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) is a problem.

Our current use of electrical or electronic equipment has not been significantly disrupted by external influences since it has been in use. The effects of this recent minor CME from the Sun looks like a warning shot for us all.

I’m not surprised that it takes the Alt Media to have predicted this problem was coming. For a number of reasons, I’m also not surprised that the scientific community have stopped reporting on Earths rapidly waning magnetic field strength.

Governments should be taking robust actions to protect our electrical infrastructure from the effects of CMEs in these circumstances. They probably cannot stop the electricity grids from being overwhelmed, but they can ensure circuit breakers protect the transformers from catastrophic damage.

Then the grid could at least be be restored, once the electro magnetic storm has passed.

If electricity transformers within our grid infrastructure are destroyed, even today there is a long lead-time to have them replaced. If many were destroyed, many would find themselves without electricity for a long time, perhaps years.

Our society can maintain our historically elevated populations due to electricity. If we were suddenly without it, many people would starve to death. That scenario would lead to anarchy.

Thus, governments should be ensuring that, at very least, electricity supplies can be easily restored after electro-magnetic storms from our Sun. This is one of the areas where they really do have a duty of care to the people. The effects are so dramatic, for once, the precautionary principle should be applied.

Apart from President Trump kicking off a review to get recommendations to achieve this, I am not aware of any other country doing this type of investigation or mitigation. In the USA, given that there is often Trump Derangement Syndrome in the Democrat camp, I hope his actions on this have not been rescinded.

For the rest of us, we should be asking our governments what they are doing to mitigate against the effects of CMEs as the Earths electro-magnetic field wanes.

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