Don’t Mention Ivermectin – It’ll Upset The ‘Vaccine’ Rollout

An article in BizNews by Andrew Bannister that exposes the reasons why Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and now Ivermectin are marginalised, demonised even.

It really is a case of follow the money.

Accepting HCQ or Ivermectin as an effective treatment for Covid-19 invalidates the ongoing experiment on the general public with the mRNA treatments.

It is now even more apparent that Governments and Big Pharma are working in concert, but not to our advantage. That is classic Fascism.

The lockdowns and social distancing etc. could be over immediately. This would negate the need for the experimental treatments through injections.

This would be a big boost for society, so why do governments and some official medical organisations suppress this?

Follow the money!

Other interesting links on this subject at the end of this page…


Other interesting links on Ivermectin:

FLCCC Alliance

Ivermectin trial results table

Mexican Media report in Spanish – “Ivermectin reduced the risk of hospitalisation by up to 76%” (translate is your friend if you cannot read Spanish).

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