A Timeline Of “The Great Reset” Agenda

An article in Zero Hedge by Tim Hinchliffe via Global Research, that sets out the Globalist ‘Great Reset’, their timeline and Agenda.

Globalists like World Economic Forum (WEF) Founder Klaus Schwab are clever, they use words and phrases to imply that their solution is for the good of all, good for ‘the planet’.

In truth, once you strip out all the ‘adminspeak’ they use to mislead and disguise their real meanings, their solution is a technocratic totalitarian one.

The Globalists are desperate to have the coming financial reset on their terms.

Luckily for us, we have the internet and people who understand what they are trying to do to us. But, as of yet, I’ve not seen any politician or economist come forward with an overall coherent solution to replace our current, broken, kleptocratic system.

I hope an alternative appears soon, so that people can compare a proposed Globalist future with a better solution for the majority

Corona is a Trojan Horse for 'The Great Reset' video ...

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