This Was A Test… And We Failed

An article in the Burning Platform blog by Jim Quinn.

This reinforces my view that we all need to take a long hard look at ourselves as to why we are so easily propagandised.

I find myself being continuously affected by propaganda. Sometimes it’s really difficult to recognise. Our governments and Mainstream Media have become experts in this. It’s become a chore to eliminate its insidious effects in my mind, but we must continuously guard against it.

Today, propaganda has been so refined it’s almost an art! Even so, to allow it to persuade us is to lose our free societies.

In this blog post, Jim gives evidence, the facts, that prove the public have been fooled by this with the Covid pandemic. Governments and the Media companies worked in concert to get us to accept a lie. This led to most of the people in the world becoming scared and compliant.

The big question is, why? Any creditable answers are scary.

Also scary is just how many people in government, the media and the medical professions went along with this.

Those who spoke out had a torrid time. Now the tide seems to be turning with more and more creditable people speaking out and being heard. The Mainstream Media are having a hard time ignoring the facts, perhaps a breakthrough is close at hand.


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