Interview With Catherine Austin Fitts

Catherine Fitts is a really grounded person. She also fundamentally understands global finance and the central banking system.

This interview, hosted by The Daily Lama, is a good grounding in what this globalist system is all about and what is planned.

She describes, from personal experience, how the current system works and how she thinks the next globalist system will become a reality.

She describes how the current Technocrats, the likes of Amazon and SpaceX, are providing the infrastructure for the big reset, new normal, the system to replace the current one.

She describes how most of the world’s future economic value is planned to be harvested, by the few, at the expense of the many.

The system that has been in place for hundreds of years cannot survive the emerging technological era. Thus, those currently in charge are moving to implement its replacement.

It is surprising what elements of this plan are, for example, the current plandemic actions.

This is a long video at one hour and thirteen minutes, but, it is worth persevering to be given an understanding of the ‘topography’ of current events that are leading us to a techno-fascist outcome.

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